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Webinar: An added value in fighting serious crimes

Foreign investigators and prosecutors sometimes envy the indirect method of proof as we use it in the Netherlands. This method means that the Dutch court can reach a conviction for money laundering, even if it is not known which offence the object originates from. It is not required to prove who actually committed the crime, when and where. It is sufficient that proof is provided which points out the object does not originate from a legal source.

The AMLC is organizing a webinar on this topic on November 30 from 10:00 - 12:00 in cooperation with CEPOL (EU training institute focused on crime prevention). Aimed at foreign officials working within law enforcement, but of course also accessible to Dutch participants. During this webinar, various speakers with a criminal law background and experience in financial investigations will share their knowledge and explain the Dutch step-by-step approach by means of concrete practical examples. Want to participate? Register via the Cepol website or register here if you don't have a LEEd account yet.

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