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Why work with themes?

The AMLC works with themes to bring focus and prioritisation to its activities. By working with themes, cooperation by -inter- national public and private parties in the fight against money laundering is encouraged and better coordinated. Working with themes is also an effective strategy to fulfil a political or social desire to tackle particular money laundering problems. It is a highly suitable way to promote international cooperation and to get a clearer recognition of so-called blind spots.

A theme arises by drawing up lists of subjects with relevant parties such as the OM, FIOD and police, private parties and the scientific community. One or more themes are then selected from those subjects on basis of (social) importance. In principle a theme remains in place for at least one year. A theme is understood to be:

  • a clearly demarcated subject in the field of money laundering;
  • with targeted attention (focus) and prioritisation throughout the entire anti-money laundering chain;
  • in which the activities are directed towards achieving a predefined objective.

Do you work for an organisation which is affected by our themes and would you like to know more about them? Or would you like to explore whether cooperating with us and our partners on one of the themes would be useful? In that case contact the AMLC.