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Leaders in finance in Brussels

In September, the Leaders in Finance AML Europe Event 2022 took place in Brussels. Suzanne Visser, head of AMLC, took part in the panel discussion about a relatively new topic: how do ESG (criteria in the Environmental, Social en Governance field or ESG) relate to money laundering in the light of the new EU legislation? The EU "directive on criminal money laundering" lists 22 predicate offenses that can lead to money laundering. Some of these basic offences might be referred to as ESG topics, such as environmental offences or child labour. In addition to the directives in the field of money laundering, the EU is also working on a set of directives in the field of ESG. Suzanne explained how ESG topics may come within the scope of a money laundering offence and what it may mean in respect of companies.  It is a very interesting topic and as AMLC, we will soon come back to you with an in-depth article.    

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