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04-12-2020 - By Dorine Stahlie and Sophie de Ridder, AMLC In response to the FinCen files, several news items were published on mirror trading in connection with money laundering. Take for example the item in the
03-08-2020 - Reflections on possible accounting fraud and money laundering constructions at Wirecard By Dick Crijns, senior advisor AMLC Background During the last two weeks I have been regularly asked questions
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13-05-2019 - Diëgo Crijns, AMLC senior advisor During money laundering training sessions I show a lot of examples of how you can use ordinary things for money laundering. I am often asked “do criminals really
24-04-2019 - D. Crijns, AMLC senior advisor Most of you are familiar to the so-called Russian laundromat, a $20 billion money laundering scheme during the period 2010 - 2014. A few weeks ago, the journalist
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24-04-2019 - by D. Crijns, AMLC, February 2019 I previously wrote a background  article in which I examined the possibilities of money laundering by means of the game values used in internet games. Game
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24-04-2019 - By: D. Crijns, AMLC, 2016 During money laundering courses at the AMLC we are often asked how criminals use online games and the payment systems associated with them for money laundering purposes. In
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24-04-2019 - This is an article from our newsletter 2017-1 The 'step-by-step plan' is ECHR proof In previous newsletters we discussed the step-by-step plan the Netherlands can use to prove money laundering
24-04-2019 - Step-by-step plan for a conviction for money laundering without an evident predicate offence Money laundering involves objects originating from crime. It is not always clear from which offence an