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Why Financial Safety (FS)?

Players in the financial sector are calling for more cooperation to combat money laundering. The AMLC is the network, knowledge and expertise centre of the FIOD in this field. Initiatives regarding cooperation are therefore received with open arms. The AMLC has a thematic focus and cooperation with financial institutions ties in perfectly with its theme of Financial Safety, a theme which is oriented towards increasing the resilience of the Dutch financial system. The commitment of the AMLC to cooperation in this theme is twofold. First there is the focus on raising the level of knowledge and expertise among all the players involved with Financial Safety. Second there is the attention devoted to connecting the players by setting common objectives and themes in the fight against money laundering. The added value of connecting the players arises from going beyond the frameworks of the separate organisations. This makes it possible to raise the level of the current fight against money laundering and also to have a clearer picture of future trends and developments. This applies at strategic, tactical and operational levels.